Enjoy LIVE MUSIC in the West Main Street District of Downtown Round Rock...
We have live music on the URBAN Eat.Drink restaurant patio AND the Urban Rooftop!
Join us for live music most nights and Sunday Brunch.


Thursday, 3/4    James Parker (patio) 6pm
Friday, 3/5    Addam Chavarria (patio) 7pm
Friday, 3/5    Rodney Overturff (rooftop) 8pm
Saturday, 3/6    James Parker (patio) 7pm
Saturday, 3/6    Michael Ingalls (rooftop) 8pm
Sunday, 3/7    Addam Chavarria (patio) 11am

Wednesday, 3/10    Rodney Overturff (patio) 6pm
Thursday, 3/11    Sean Russell (patio) 7pm
Thursday, 3/11    Garrett Johnson (Rooftop) 7pm
Friday 3/12    Dan Rohde (patio) 7pm
Friday, 3/12    John Prather (rooftop) 8pm
Saturday, 3/13    Chase Gassaway (patio) 7pm
Saturday 3/13    Rodney Overturff (rooftop) 8pm
Sunday, 3/14    Addam Chavarria (patio) 11am

Wednesday, 3/17    Rodney Overturff (patio) 6pm
Thursday, 3/18    Adam Johnson (patio) 7pm
Thursday, 3/18     James Parker (rooftop) 8pm
Friday, 3/19    Dan Rohde (patio) 7pm
Friday, 3/19    Sean Russell (Rooftop) 8pm
Saturday, 3/20    Rodney Overturff (patio) 7pm
Saturday, 3/20    Michael Ingalls (Rooftop) 8pm
Sunday, 3/21    Addam Chavarria (patio) 11am

Wednesday, 3/24    Rodney Overturff (patio) 6pm
Thursday, 3/25    James Parker (patio) 7pm
Thursday, 3/25    Garrett Johnson (rooftop) 8pm
Friday, 3/26    Rodney Overturff (patio) 7pm
Friday, 3/26    John Prather (rooftop) 8pm
Saturday, 3/27    Sean Russell (patio) 7pm
Saturday, 3/27    Evan Ogden (rooftop) 8pm
Sunday, 3/28    Addam Chavarria (patio) 11am

Wednesday, 3/31     Addam Chavarria (patio) 6pm
Thursday, 4/1    Rodney Overturff (patio) 7pm
Thursday, 4/1    Addam Chavarria (rooftop) 8pm
Friday, 4/2    Sean Russell (patio) 7pm
Friday, 4/2    Michael Ingalls (rooftop) 8pm
Saturday, 4/3    Dan Rohde (patio) 7pm
Saturday, 4/3   Rodney Overturff (rooftop) 8pm
Sunday, 4/4   Addam Chavarria (patio) 11am

Enjoy one of our signature cocktails at the Urban Rooftop with friends!
Another beautiful day at the Urban Rooftop!